``Wedding Tips For Wow Factor`` Podcasts

If You’re Looking For A Sure Fire Way To Bring The WOW Factor To Your Wedding…Be Sure To Listen To A Few Episodes.  They Are Jam Packed With Helpful Wedding Planning Tips & Tricks For An Unforgettable Wedding Day!
Wedding Tips For Wow Factor - Podcast

-5/13/20 – Wedding Tips For Wow Factor: “How To Avoid Tears & Stress On Your Wedding Day”

No one wants tears and frustration on their wedding day….Steve shares the number one thing that you can do (in advance) to help make your day go as smoothly as possible.



-5/6/20 – Wedding Tips For Wow Factor: “Creative Wedding Ceremony Ideas & Tips”

In this podcast, Steve shares a few unique and exciting tips.. in order to help make the ceremony portion of your day stand out and be different from any other wedding that your guests have ever attended.



-4/29/20 – Wedding Tips For Wow Factor:
“Covid-19 / CoronaVirus Safety Tips For Your Wedding”

As restrictions are lifted later this season…there are a few things to keep in mind…in order to keep your guests safe  .Here’s this week’s podcast to help get your wheels turning.



-4/22/20 – Wedding Tips For Wow Factor:
“Understanding How The Industry Works”

If you have begun your wedding planning…and are having a difficult time understanding terminology….full-time vs. part-time, single-op vs. multi-op…things can be really confusing.  Maybe you are having trouble understanding why some services cost more than others..or why some services are able to provide things that others are not…….This podcast will help you to better understand the ins and outs of the wedding industry.




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