About Our Company

“This team is absolutely amazing! They made this process so easy!” – Alex Corbutt – Silver Swan Bayside

Hi There! We are Steve and Lori Moody and we wanted to thank you for stopping by our site. Our company is family owned and operated with Steve performing at weddings, training new entertainers, and keeping up with our marketing, while Lori works as our Bridal Concierge… keeping in touch with our brides during their planning process, processing payments and scheduling all of the needed equipment for our entertainers. As we’re able to work on different aspects of our company simultaneously we make a great team!

Planning A Wedding Reception?

“All the guests and wedding party commented that he really made our event exceptionally fun and memorable. I cannot recommend Steve and his team more highly”. – Stuart Caton – Tidewater Inn

We’re gonna go out on a limb and say that you are probably in the process of planning a wedding reception.  Well, if that’s the case…you’ve come to the right spot.  We’d love to help you every step of the way while keeping you from becoming overwhelmed with the entire process.  In fact, we’re here to make the entire process as fun and stress-free as possible.

In addition to more information on our DJs, PhotoBooth and Lighting our website is jam packed with so many other helpful planning tools.  From listings of premier local venues and vendors, to helpful planning tips and photo galleries filled with fresh new ideas..we’d like to become one of your main resources during your planning.

Humble Beginnings

Though our small family-owned company has become nationally recognized within the wedding and entertainment industries, we come from very humble beginnings.  Who knew that a 14 year old boy’s dream of being a DJ would grow to such heights.  From his early days performing at school dances, midnight bowling, and family affairs…Steve’s passion for his work allowed his company to grow by leaps rather than small steps.  By the time he reached college Steve was performing several nights each week bring great times to so many families across Maryland and Delaware.

“When deciding on who to choose for my wedding DJ, I looked around a lot! But when I stumbled upon SMEC, I knew I was done searching! Steve and his wife, Lori, were amazing. – Shelby & Cody – Kylan Barn

One of Steve's Earliest Weddings - Circa 1989

A True Wedding Specialist

We don’t just say we specialize in weddings…we ARE the Area’s Most Referred & Most Awarded Wedding Disc Jockey Service.  Weddings have always been Steve’s personal favorite…so it just made sense… rather than try to be too many things to too many people he decided to rebrand his company and totally focus on wedding reception entertainment.  Yes, in the off season you may see our DJs performing at local fundraisers and such but from March – November each year there are nothing but wedding bells ringing for our company.  Structuring our company this way has been a huge asset.  In all honesty, it has given us time to focus on what we do best.  We eat, sleep and breathe the wedding industry so that we’re able to consistently bring our clients the best in service and entertainment for their Big Day.

“Not only did they keep my guests dancing all night long, but they kept the entire planning process so low stress! So many tools were provided and “touch bases” in the year leading to the wedding.  I always felt I had their support.” – Jessica & Andrew – Chesapeake Bay Beach Club

Photo Of Summer & Shane's Wedding Reception at Chartwell Country Club by *Christa Rae Photography*

Our Expansion

As Steve’s brand of entertainment gained in popularity it was only natural that he would expand by bringing in new entertainers and personally train them in his unique performance style.  Our djs don’t just show up at events and “do their own things”.  We’re very proud to be able to offer our clients a proven brand of wedding entertainment that works week in and week out.  From the way our entertainers make announcements leading into special activities, and the way they announce the bridal party…to the way they work with our couples behind the scenes and fill the dance floor it’s very easy to see that our performance style is uniformed across the board.  Our clients will always know what to expect when they hire any of our entertainers.  There are no surprises.

“Steve and his team were excellent from the start of the process to the very end. Not only was he extremely responsive and helpful – his positivity and enthusiasm for what he does is unmatched!” – Summer & Shane – Chartwell Country Club

Photo of Team SMEC by *Laura's Focus Photography*

Where To Go From Here?

Though our website does a great job of showcasing our business, it would be a mistake to hire any DJ service without some form of consultation. Whether it’s a visit to our office, a phone call, or even via FaceTime video on your phone or computer… it’s always best to take a few minutes to get to know each other.

The DJ is the one person in the room with the microphone and power to effect an entire wedding reception. The reality is the wedding DJ / MC acts as the Newlywed’s mouthpiece to their family and friends. Yes, the music is important but the right music and equipment with the wrong person on the microphone does not make for a great outcome. We’ve all seen it.

Let’s take a few minutes together.  We know that you will be glad that we did.

Set Up A Time To Stop In For A Visit!

“The music was perfect… and they were able to give us all kinds of material to help us along the way of planning our dream wedding. I love you guys!!!” – Allison & Will – Chesapeake Bay Beach Club

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