Moody's Instant Memory Photo Booth

“We booked a photo booth with Steve Moody’s Entertainment Connection and that was a huge hit with our guests! We received copies of all the pictures taken in the photo booth that night and they will be great memories for years to come!” – Crystal Keyton

Photo Booths have become the absolute hottest trend in the Wedding Industry…and we’re so excited to be able to offer our clients all of the fun and excitement! With so many makes and models of booths created around the country, it’s with great pride that we offer all of our couples the leading booth in the industry. Purchasing the most reputable booth on the market ensures that your guests will have an outstanding time and receive the same level of extraordinary service that our clients have come accustomed to with SMEC.

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During Your Reception

Your guests will surely make the most out of their time in the booth. Honestly, there is something extremely special that happens when family and friends step in and close the curtains. In fact, these shots will be unlike any other photos taken during your celebration. It always seems that when folks are alone with the camera… the smiles are bigger, the laughs are louder and the pictures are just out of this world!

After Your Reception

The memories of your celebration will last for a long time to come, as this is the one “favor” that guests are sure to keep. It honestly seems silly to spend money on small trinkets that usually end up in the garbage or left on tables. These pictures always make it out the door and will be seen every time they open their refrigerator.

What's It Like To Have Our Booth At Your Event?

Photo Booth Sample Pics

You’ll notice our huge assortment of Hats and Props along with the actual quality of the pics. Our high-end Photo Booth captures vibrant colors with crystal clear Hi-Res quality. All guests are able to choose between full color or black and white prints when they step into the booth. Whether stepping into the booth alone, as a couple… or with an entire group of people, it’s a guaranteed great time for all.

Packages & Pricing

To say that every wedding is unique is a gross understatement. Some couples are just having a 4 hour reception, some also require additional equipment for the cocktail hour or ceremony, some are interested in ambient uplighting or other effects, and some are even interested in combining our DJ and Photobooth Service. Therefore, we have a large selections of options for you to choose from. Though we are happy to put together a completely custom package for each client here are 3 of our most popular.

We have several backdrops to choose from.  Check them out HERE.

Starting at $775

Debut Package

Our introductory package includes all the basics that make for a successful photo booth:

1.Easy booking process

2. Free Delivery, set-up & removal

3. 1 Super Friendly Photo Booth Attendant to assist guests in and out of the booth, distribute pictures and manage props

4. Your Names and Date imprinted on the photo strips.

5. A Prop Table full of elegant and or fun loving hats, glasses, boas and more for your guests to use while inside the booth

6. 2 Copies of prints per each booth visit

7. 4 hours of unlimited exposures and prints (Additional Time Available At A Rate Of $150.00 per hour.)

Starting at $975

Celebrity Package

Includes Everything From The Debut Package Above, Plus:

8. A Beautiful Scrapbook so that you family and friends may place one copy of their pictures inside and leave you a personalized message

9. A 2nd Attendant in order to help with the creation of the scrap book. From past experiences, we have come to realize that if guests are left alone with the book, it usually does not turn out as expected. Many are very excited to get back to the party and may accidentally glue pages together, smudge pictures, overlap photos etc… It’s always best to have 1 attendant specifically assigned to the book. We want your scrapbook to look amazing so that you will be proud to have it for years to come!

10. Copyright Free Digital Copy (Hi-res JPEG Format) of each and every picture.

Additional Options

  • Acrylic Photo Frames for your guests to place their photostrips in.
  • A Red Carpet & Velvet Rope Entrance Way to the Booth so that all of your guests truly fee like celebrities!
  • A Fully Produced Video DVD featuring all of the pictures set in motion to songs from your celebration

How Our PhotoBooth Is Unique

With so many Photo Booth Companies to choose from…
here’s what makes our Booth stand out from the crowd:

Looks Professional

As ours is not home-made, it will give off the air of class that you are searching for during your celebration.

Comes With TONS of Props

Dozens of Hats, Glasses, Boas, Mustaches and more for all of your guests to choose from! This is one of the major differences others…. our prop box is overflowing!

Keeps It Classy

You’ll never see any banners or other promotial items plastered to or hanging from our booth. How Tacky! If one of your guests inquires about our booth we will be more than happy to simply hand them a business card. The attention will be totally on you and your guests…NOT on us.

Prints Outstanding Quality Photo Strips

Unlike other Photobooths which use regular home computer printers, our Booth uses a hi-end lab dye printer. This ensures that the Photo Strips will not smudge and fade after a few days like they do with other booths. Our Canon Camera captures amazing pictures that are bright and vibrant.

Features A Real Honest To Goodness Professional Machine Inside The Curtain

We never mislead our clients. There is no “make-shift” equipment inside. In fact, we boast amazing quality when it comes to the gear. The equipment we use in manufactured by the nationally recognized PhotoBooth Creation Company named “Open Air”. The outstanding quality of this unit has been recognized time and again and has even been featured regularly as a prize on the Price Is Right television game show.

Adjusts In Size

Unlike most traditional booths, our PhotoBooth has the ability to fit an entire Bridal Party. Depending on the space provided by the venue, our booth can expand to enhance all of the fun and excitement.

Personalizes Your Photos

Each photo strip prints your name and event date at the bottom and allows your guests to select black and white or full color printing!

Boasts Super Fast Printing

Never a long line to receive the prints! Your guests will be able to jump in the booth and get back to partying in no time. To top it off, the printer actually prints two copies of each set of pictures and automatically slices it down the middle. No waiting around!

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