Our Professional Lighting Enhancements

“It added such a luxurious vibe to our venue… and our guests loved it!” Chelsea Gephardt

The décor and ambience of the room provides your guests with their very first impression of your reception.  Let us help bring the WOW Factor with our professional lighting!  We’re thrilled to be able to offer our clients several amazing lighting effects, that up until this time, were only available through lighting companies.  Though the lighting may come in the same “budget” category as decorations… we have become a one stop shop by offering it through our company.

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Uplighting has become our most requested effect.  The fact is,  this style of lighting can truly alter the appearance of any room.  It can be extremely elegant while still bring that sense of WOW to wedding guests.  We are able match or compliment tables linens, bridal party dresses, or just the normal décor of the ballroom.  Whether you are looking for something super colorful… or something as sharp and elegant as white highlights, we’ve got you totally covered!
We're able to accent the walls in any color of light that you wish!

Your Name In Lights (Monogram Projection)

This has been one of our most requested additions for years.  We began offering these projections, locally, back in 2010….and now they are every where.   Believe it or not…guests actually have been seen walking over and grabbing their cameras just to take a picture of this projection. Having your name or initials in lights is just another great way to customize your reception to be like no other.

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We're able to display your names and wedding date, any way that you wish!

Celebration Under The Stars Experience

This is the big one! Wedding guests totally drop their jaws when we get to the dancing portion of the evening…the lights are dimmed… and we bring out the stars! Our Celebration Under The Stars Experience is a beautiful effect that will stay on the minds of family and friends long after the celebration.
Our Celebration Under The Stars Experience Brings The Wow Factor!
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