Though we would love the opportunity to speak with you in person… we wanted to share answers to a few of our most frequently asked questions below. Just click on a question to see our answer. Please remember whenever you are ready to speak with us we’d love to answer all of your questions.

Toni and Corey's Wedding Reception at The Chesapeake Bay Beach Club By Lauren Myers Photography

Q: How much do you charge?

Yes, this is our most frequently asked question. As every wedding is different, we have a wide range of prices and packages that we are able to create for you. Some couples are just looking for a basic package (starting as low as $1375.00), while others are looking for a unique wedding experience with a ton of “Wow” factor. The date, time, size and location of each wedding… along with whatever sound equipment, lighting and extras such as photobooth are all taken into consideration as we put packages together for our couples. Please call 1-800-410-3013 to set up an appointment to discuss your reception needs.

Q: Do you do this on a regular basis, or is your disc jockey business merely a hobby that you do every once in a while?

Steve Moody’s Entertainment Connection has been a “full-time” Disc Jockey service since 1989. All of our entertainers have been handpicked by Steve Moody himself, and have completed our incredible training program to ensure that each performer represents themselves with the same high standard of excellence that we are known for. They are all required to maintain a form of “continuing education” by attending local and national DJ industry conferences and conventions… in order to keep our performances fresh and unique.

Q: We will have many different ages of guests at our event...do you have enough songs in your musical library to honor all of our requests?

Our library consists of over 100,000 selections in all styles of music. Both you and your guests will be entertained no matter what age or taste in music. Each of our couples receives their own private “on-line” account for their reception, so that they are able to login and create as much of their playlist as they like.

Q: Do you play requests? I only ask because I have seen dee jays play songs that were completely in-appropriate. It was like they were only playing the songs that they wanted to hear.

Your special event is tailored to your musical likes and dislikes. In addition, we DO take (appropriate) requests during your affair if you wish. By carefully combining your requests and those of your guests, along with selections that we know are sure to fill the floor…your event is a guaranteed success.

Q: Do you use professional equipment?

We only use “top-of-the-line”, name brand, sound and lighting. These “in-demand” names cost us more, but ensure that you have the best sound and lighting experience possible. The sound is crystal clear and just the right volume. In addition, our dazzling light show will have your guests on the dance floor, as it creates a room full of energy, excitement and romance.

Q: What does the music sound like? I have been to events where the disc jockey had music that skipped some times and had that crackle and pop sound.

All of our music is stored on our lap top computer systems. It is an exact LEGAL digital copy of the original ,which provides the highest quality sound possible. Each of our entertainers use a professional program called Virtual DJ to play their music. We do NOT download lower quality free illegal music off of the internet. The sound quality is outstanding.

Q: What happens if something happens to your sound system...do you carry back up equipment?

Our entertainers carry a full back up sound system to every event. To this point we have never had to use one because we use the industries leading brands that are more reliable. But, the back-up equipment is there, just in case ,which always gives our clients more peace of mind.

Q: What happens if you get sick...do you have back up?

One of the great things about using our company, is that in the unforeseeable event that your assigned entertainer were to become sick etc…we have the ability to replace him with someone else from our own service. We never hire outside of this company or subcontract other entertainers. Our bases are completely covered “in-house”. This way we know that you will receive the same high quality entertainment that our company demands.

Q: How interactive are you at our event?

This is totally up to you. Some of our clients prefer us to just make announcements , play music and take requests…while others enjoy having us out on the floor sharing the latest dances. We play by your rules! Our performance style would be categorized as “Tastefully Interactive”.
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