Allow Me To Create A Sandals Honeymoon That You'll Remember For A Lifetime!

“We are so blessed to have had such a great experience. Thank you Lori!! We wouldn’t be here without you!” – Julie and Anthony – Sandals Montego Bay

Interested in an amazing Sandals honeymoon or vacation?  Well, you’ve come to the right spot….as that’s all I do.  That right, I work exclusively with Sandals Resorts! I’ve always loved travel and spending time (hours on end…yep guilty) researching the many details to make our own family trips extra special!  (Shout out to Trip Advisor!).  Our family truly LOVES to travel.  Day trips, overnight outings and extended excursions are always something to be excited about with the Moodys.  So much so, that our friends and family began asking us for travel suggestions and recommendations.

Now…..we are beyond excited to share our experience and expand our services with our travel agency, Travel Hand In Hand!  Inspired by our parents who have shown us, that hand in hand is the best way to travel through life together. We would love to share our joy of traveling with you and help you create the Ultimate Honeymoon Experience!

– Lori Moody


"Travel Hand In Hand" Owner - Lori Moody

We currently specialize in exclusive Honeymoons, Wedding
Moons & Group packages with Sandals Resorts.


Every aspect of each Sandals Resort is designed for “Two People In Love”.    That being said, if you happen to be traveling with children, we are also able to help you with Family & Group packages through Beaches Resorts.

Hand In Hand + Sandals = Perfect Honeymoon Partners!

“Lori made the process absolutely flawless! She took care of everything for us from the very beginning.” – Jamie & Rob – Sandals St. Lucia

Sandals philosophy blends perfectly with ours here at SMEC …  Belief in a personal touch, ease of communication throughout planning and continually wanting the best for clients always comes first.  Not to mention it’s super convenient and easy because we enjoy researching all the details that take so much of your time.  Here’s the best part… Because Sandals totally understands the convenience of having a personal and professional travel service lend a hand, you will always be offered the same rates and promotions through us as you would by booking on-line or calling Sandals directly.  So why not have me take care of all of those little extra details….in order to make sure that everything comes together perfectly for your honeymoon?

So Many Resorts To Choose From!

Sandals has 15 truly All Inclusive Resorts on the Caribbean’s best beaches!  With 15 properties across Jamaica, Saint Lucia, Bahamas, Antigua, Grenada & Barbados, the possibilities are endless.  Beaches offers 3 Luxury All Included Resorts for everyone! 2 in Jamaica and 1 in Turks & Caicos.  Honeymoon, Anniversaries & Family Vacations have never felt better.  First class pampering at it’s best!  Simply a much needed break to check out and go offline!

Whether Searching For Relaxation or Fun… It Can All Be Found At Sandals & Beaches

As every couple is unique, Sandals & Beaches Resorts offer so many options.  Relax at the beach, enjoy fine dining, hit the golf course, venture in the waters or marvel at nightly entertainment.  It’s totally up to you as a couple.

Ready to learn more?

If you are ready to learn more now, please give me a call at 443-496-1188 or shoot me an email at

Or for a more detailed look, explore the links below

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