Whether You Are An Experienced Planner or Just Getting Started... Please Take A Few Moments To Watch The Video Below...

This video shares how we work with our wedding clients and their planners behind the scenes and during the planning period leading up to the wedding.

We are really looking forward to working with you.  If you have any specific questions in advance please give us a call 410-382-4655.

A Few More Frequently Asked Questions…


1)  Is your company familiar with wedding reception entertainment, specifically?

Answer: Yes.  We’ve been in the wedding industry since 1989…and currently provide entertainment for 150-175 weddings annually.


2) When are the final payment and planning forms due?

Answer: All of our couples are set up to receive automated reminders during the weeks and months leading up to their wedding…that their final balance and planning forms are due 14 days prior to their wedding.  They may make payments and submit forms at any point prior to that…but we don’t require it until the 2 week mark.


3) May I book you on behalf of a client?

Answer: Due to a previous disagreement between a client and their planner, all of our contracts are between SMEC and the Wedding Client.  A wedding Coordinator / Planner may not sign on a client’s behalf.


4) May I have a copy of the couple’s contract?

Answer: Yes, but this would be between you and the client.  They may share any details that they like.  However, we are not able to share any specifics on contracts with a third party unless we have a written paper trail from the client.


5) What time with the DJ Team arrive for set up?

Answer: Our DJ Team is contracted to arrive 90 minutes prior to our contracted start time. For example if your contract begins at 5pm…our team will arrive at 3:30pm for set up.


6) Are there any requirements for the couple on the wedding day that I should be aware of?

Answer: Here is what our signed contract asks of our clients….”Our requirements are minimal…most importantly, we will require a standard electrical outlet just like you have in your home (110V, 10 amps, 3 prong outlet). This power outlet should be within 25 feet of the space designated for equipment set up. Our entertainers carry 25 feet of extension cord.

If the distance is longer than 25 feet, it is the client’s sole responsibility to make the arrangements for sufficient power to reach the sound equipment (which should be placed as close to the dance floor as possible). Please note, that if you have hired us to provide an extra sound system for ceremony/cocktails the same requirements apply for that system as well.  Power / extension chords should be set and ready for the DJ Team BEFORE they arrive so that there is no confusion on power upon arrival.

In addition, as surges from power generators have damaged our computers in the past at outdoor events, our staff will not plug the equipment into a generator that is rated for less than 6,000 watts.  Furthermore, if your event is being held out doors…you will need to provide adequate protection for the equipment from sunlight, rain, etc… both from above and below. The attendant will not set the equipment directly in grass, dirt, mud etc..  (Please note, that if you have hired us to provide an extra sound system for ceremony/cocktails the same requirements apply for that system as well.)


Lastly, we will also require a table placed next to the dance floor for our equipment. Our entertainers do not carry any linens, so if you wish for us to have a table cloth or “wrap around skirt” to dress the table – please make arrangements with the venue. We are generally provided with rectangular banquet tables anywhere from 5-8 ft. in length.


7) How does the DJ Team work with the Wedding Planner on the Day of the wedding?

Answer: The vast majority of our couples do not have a separate wedding planner…so our djs are trained to run the entire event if necessary.  That being said, every Wedding Coordinator works differently. Some take an extremely “hands on approach” during the wedding day and others merely oversee. Therefore, our entertainers have been given instruction to take your lead.  In general, our Master Of Ceremonies lines up the bridal party, in order to walk through names one final time…but are open to taking your cues during the rest of the event if need be.  Over 97 percent of our couples do not hire a coordinator… so our MC and DJ team are trained to handle all aspects of the wedding day when necessary.




We’d like to thank the following wedding photographers for sharing images taken at our events.

Christa Rae PhotographyKyle and Taylor’s Wedding At The Chesapeake Bay Beach Club.

Hope Taylor PhotographyCandace & Michael’s Wedding At Blue Valley Vineyard

Kira Nicole PhotographyAbbey & Joey’s Wedding at The Cambridge Hyatt

Manda Weaver PhotographySarah & Brad’s Wedding At The Inn At Perry Cabin

Megan Kelsey Photography Logan & Bryan’s Wedding At The Inn At Chesapeake Bay Beach Club

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