Whether You Are An Experienced Officiant or A First Timer.....Please Take A Few Moments To Watch The Video Below...

This video shares what equipment we provide on our end, how to get the best sound from the microphone, how the bride and groom can be easily heard…and then also, a few helpful hints for any newer or first time officiants.

We are really looking forward to working with you.  If you have any specific questions in advance please give us a call at 1.800.410.3013

For Those That May Wonder Why We Have Chosen To Use A Hard Wired System Over Wireless For Our Ceremonies….

5 Minutes Of Your Time Will Totally Change The Way That You See Wireless Systems For Ceremony Use.

We’d like to thank the following wedding photographers for sharing images taken at our ceremonies.

Christa Rae PhotographyKyle and Taylor’s Wedding At The Chesapeake Bay Beach Club.

Hope Taylor PhotographyCandace & Michael’s Wedding At Blue Valley Vineyard

Kira Nicole PhotographyAbbey & Joey’s Wedding at The Cambridge Hyatt

Manda Weaver PhotographySarah & Brad’s Wedding At The Inn At Perry Cabin

Megan Kelsey Photography Logan & Bryan’s Wedding At The Inn At Chesapeake Bay Beach Club

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